Deckan Coffee Company

Deckan Coffee was founded in 2004 in Michigan, USA. The founder is from a well known coffee grower's family dating back to 1775 in Chikmagalore district of Southern India. The family continues to manage coffee estates in the Giri range. 

The coffee grown particularly in the Giri range is considerably superior when compared to the rest of the coffee growing regions of India. Here the coffee grows quite naturally and the beans tend to be heavier due to the iron rich soil content. The Arabica bean grown here is a "stand alone" and can compete against the best of other coffees around the world. 

Deckan Coffee's vision is to bring the finest mountain grown Indian coffee to the specialty coffee drinkers of the world, keeping quality, taste, and tradition of South Indian coffee intact in the cup. Deckan is a single-origin indian coffee bean manufacturer that grows and harvests under the shaded trees of the Giri Mountains in the Western Ghats of Southern India. The Giri Mountains have allowed India to produce some of the finest coffees since the late 1800's.